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Notes From Monday Night

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 at 10:49 pm

– Maria Shriver looks a little like the Predator if you stare long enough. And it just occurred to me that maybe Arnold has a weird thing for those Predator monsters.

– I am glad this game is good so far (halftime). The three I watched yesterday were not.

– Mike Singletary taught me a lesson in the pre-game about being a real man and not talking about people behind their backs.

– Larry Fitzgerald told us on Twitter to vote for Kurt Warner on DWTS, so we did. Not sure if Its just cause I want to see a Palin lose again.

– The 49ers are doing well but I think we all have the feeling of waiting for the other she to drop. When the saints remember they are playing football, not sleeping. It’s the same thing you always feel when watching Peyton Manning play.

– I should pickup Frank Gore for all my fantasy teams…except while I was toying he limped off.

– I wonder why, no matter what, deep down I root for the underdog. What does that say about me? I always feel like the underdog too. I wonder if this limits me, always having a chip on my shoulder.

– Feel that rattle, that’s the wheels coming off (1:00+ left in the third)

– I have the best kid in the world, she sleeps like 10 hours a night, and she’s 10 months old. Proceed to hate.

– I’ll tell you who I hate, Time Warner Cable, make a deal with the NFL already. I want the RedZone dammit! And the NFL channel.

– Gore is a freaking machine.

– Huh, there we go, the Saints just create turnovers, it’s what they do. All downhill from here.

– Next week, Bears vs Packer, could be so good. Will it be? Probably not.

– Bush hurt, that really sucks. Such a stupid simple way to get hurt

– The 49ers just keep trying to lose this game with dumb ass mistakes and bad luck. saints recover at the 20.

– Patrick Willis is a monster, and if I was a ref the last thing i want to see is Singletary running at me yelling.

– What a goal line stand.

– Saints score, but only 3, can the 49ers score to send it to overtime?

– The answer was yes!

– Now they just need to hold the Saints and get to over time.

– Best game of the season, wish they were all like this. This is a classing MNF game. The producers wish they were all like this. So do we by the way.

– If this kicker misses for the Saints he needs to plan on finding a new job.

– Its good, barely. Saints win, crap. Awesome game though, awesome game. Hope next week is even close.