Ah, Football How I Love Thee

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2011 at 4:15 am

What is it about football that l like so much? Why has it come on so much in the last few years ?l have no Idea really, but it doesn’t even matter. I love the game. the strategy, the whole deal. It’s a circus

That, friends is what l love. The circus is in town and i want to join. I just wish there was spring ball too. Although, truth be told, I love the off season drama almost as much as the games. I knew this was the case 3 weeks ago when the season was over and I was more excited on a daily basis about the off season drama than the upcoming play-offs.

Of course, some of that is because none of my teams is even close to the play-offs. Seriously, I have Vikings, Raiders, and the damn Panthers as the teams I root for. Ugh.

At this point in Panther nation we are just happy to have a new coach that gives us a little bit of hope. of course, we are also excited to have the 1st pick in the next draft. God only knows who we pick though since Andrew luck decided to stay in school. Stay tuned. We need on OC ,a DC and, well a whole coaching stiff actually.

Oh, and if anyone is listening, if the League and the players could get their shit together that would be awesome. That way we could focus on the next season and not the bitchy millionaires fighting with the greedy billionaires.

Ok, on to the Vikings. The latest news seems to be that Mike Singletary will be brought onboard to run the defense. To me this is great news. Look, the two team in the NFC Championship next week are the Packers and the Bears, yes the NFC North represents. TI is the best conference in the league period. With those two teams plus the up and Coming lions, I want a defense that crushes other fears, that we can ride while we figure out the offense.

We need a QB too. I’m glad Brett is done and Joe Webb looks good but we need options.

Of the 3 teams The Vikings are my best hope.

And do not ever get me started on the Raiders. There will be a whole post on that mess later. Just win baby, unless you make Al mad.

I. Love. Every. Minute.


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