Writers Write, Right?

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2010 at 4:01 pm

When I thought of that title, I though I as very clever. But then reality set in and I assumed I couldn’t be the first one.

EVERY time I start a new blog I have a long post about how I’m going to write everyday and this will be my home for ideas and thoughts and the launching pad for building a habit of daily writing. Because the habit is the key, because writers write you know?

See, I love setting up blogs, I love the technical part. Making it do all kind of things. Its filling it with content I can’t get the hang of. So this time, I’ve gone KISS. I’m keeping it simple. I got a hosted blog from wordpress. This limits what I can do behind the scenes. I picked a simple theme and I and showing one post at a time. The Content is King of the here Castle dammit.

That’s all bullshit, it never works. I have never been able to build the habit. But, I do love writing and so I go once again unto the breach. It makes me feel good when I write, accomplished. It lifts my spirit just ever so much, kind of like exercising on a regular basis. So I keep trying. Frankly, this has try has stuck better than most. For the last month or so I have written SOMETHING every day.

Even if it was an entry about how I’m avoiding working on the novel.

See, I’ve been trying my own NANOWRIMO, basically to build enough comfort with writing to be able to commit this year to winning NANO.

That’s the other thing, I’m not yet comfortable with being a “writer”, it still feels a little like something I need to hide.

Anyway, here to trying and trying again. Falling off the bike and getting right back on the damn thing.


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